Career Project




go to theCAREERinsite:

  • create a login

  • take the six tests. Do not do significant experiences exercise.

  • Save your results from each test by taking a screenshot of your results

  • Post your results to the top of your learn-folio landing page as a slideshow.



Take your top 20 careers and arrange them into the five career pathways. Figure out what percentage of your careers fall into each of the five pathways. Communication, Resources, Business, Human Service, Technology
Represent it in some visual form. EG. Pie chart, bar graph, picture, etc… I used create a graph 




You now get to pick a career to do an inquiry project around. Write a paragraph of rational on your Weebly – your third blog on your course work page –  to explain why you have chosen your specific career to research and create a project on. Back up your argument with valid results from your understanding through your career exploration results and any other personal experiences you may have.  Describe your choices.    What are the artistic aspects of this choice?


Describe your project. Why do you care about it? What do you know about yourself and why does this choice reflect that? What do you know comes easily for you and supports this choice?
• What will it accomplish? What can you accomplish in this career?
•How do the arts centre in this choice?  •What are some possible ideas about my topic that I am interested in? What could your final product look like?
•What do I know about this topic? How does this relate to what I’ve been studying?
•What kind of resources might help? Where do I find them?
•What do I need to know?
•What are the phases of the inquiry process?


Step 4: Start working on your brochure:

  • READ the brochure assignment

  • MAKE a cool title for your brochure. Watch the video in one window, follow the steps  (on the assignment) in another .


Step 5:Start thinking about your accompanying project:

  • WRITE a plan for your art. Answer the questions in a new document in your SHARED GOOGLE FOLDER.


  • Describe your idea: MaterialsTechnical Requirements,Space needed/teacher expertise to utilize. How do you envision your work being presented? (hanging, dark room, desk)etc.

Please share your google folders to my email address:

Your folder should have – A business letter, a research doc, materials needed for an art project, a brochure and an after effects video.


I will mark it from the folder. No need to email or print project!


Brochure Assignment








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