Public Service Announcement



The Task

Now you are ready to begin constructing your own PSA ( poster, video, audio.)  Choose a subject that personally interests you and design an original PSA to promote the cause. 

 The PSA must include the following mandatory components and adhere to these restrictions:

1. All the info and facts on your particular area of addiction you have chosen with pictures if desired.

2. All the info you have on addiction.

3. Original caption/slogan

4. Content must be appropriate


5. Provide Resources for assistance. Give a number to call for help, website etc


Grading Rubric for the PSA


1.Clearly states a position on the topic (Slogan)…..___ / 10 points



  • Includes reasons (facts, statistics) Minimum 20 clear facts/info (for poster 2 & 3)

……...……………………………………………___ /20points


3.Visuals (photos,) & Written (words) work together and support the message of the topic……………………………………...…...___ / 10 points


4. Effort & style (hooks the audience, correct spelling/grammar)……………..…………….….....___ / 7 points


                                                                                                      Total = ___ / 47

How to make a PSA. General guidelines.

What is a PSA?

A PSA or public service announcement is a short video, radio announcement, or print campaign created by a nonprofit organization to persuade an audience to take positive action for a institution, issue, or cause.

What are you trying to do?

  • Grab your audience’s attention

  • Send a specific, clear, and simple message

  • Change their behavior

Steps to Making a PSA

(It is important to do every step, even if you have made one before)

  • Determine what your subject is, what issue are you speaking about?

    Gather as a group and discuss what issues are important to you

    Have you been assigned a subject?

    Do you want to film people speaking about the subject? Do a skit? Or record

voices to be played along with images?

  • Organize notes on your (the groups) opinion on that subject. Decide how controversial you want to be.

  • Write an outline, this will lay the groundwork for a strong script

  • Write a script

a. Cast your PSA, assign roles (voice or acting) to everyone.
i. b. Assign people to be on the crew. They will help with setting up, filming,

holding/preparing any microphones, etc.

b. Write script
6. Go through checklist below:

o Do you know what your subject is?
o Have you collected notes on your subject?

o Did you write down all of your sources?
Do you have an organized outline? Have you written a script?

o Have you cast your PSA?
o Do you have the rights to all of the images/videos/music that you want to use? o Do you have a video camera?
o Do you have the editing software to edit your PSA?

Do you have a microphone (if needed)?
o Do you have a tripod (if needed)?
o Have you gotten permissions to film where you are filming? (Not necessary if you are filming in a

private residence.)
o Do you have time on 2‐3 days set aside to work on your PSA?


7. Record your PSA: It is unlikely that this will be done in one day, so set aside a day to practice, and a day to record. Practicing will make it easier to shoot the PSA in one take and will minimize the need to edit the footage to create the final product.

Research questions

What drugs are commonly abused?


What is drug addiction? What are the characteristics of addiction?


How quickly can I become addicted to a drug? The answer may not be that simple.


How do I know if someone is addicted to drugs? How do healthcare professionals determine if someone is addicted?


What are the physical signs of abuse or addiction? Addictions symptoms can vary depending upon the drug.


Are there effective treatments for drug addiction?


What is detoxification, or detox? Why do people need to go through detoxification?


What is withdrawal? How long does it last?


What are the costs of drug abuse to society? What are the implications for the community?


If a pregnant woman abuses drugs, does it affect the fetus? What are the effects on the unborn childWhere can I find information about drug treatment programs?




































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